I love truffle. No matter how you slice (or shave) it, it’s by far one of the most indulgent ingredients to have ever graced my lips. Just one whiff of the truffle’s deep, musky aroma is enough to put me in a culinary-induced hypnotic trance. And boy, what a delicious trance it is…

When Mihai Florescu of Dubai’s Truffle House and Tabitha Glaysher, host of Downtown Dubai TV, invited me to collaborate on a video celebrating simple ways to use truffle at home, I was more than willing to oblige.  Hot off the heels of the launch of the Truffle Baguette – a delicious collaboration between Viking Bageri and the Truffle house – the timing couldn’t be better. The sought-after truffle baguette is “the meeting point between traditional Scandanavian baking craftsmanship and masterful Italian hunting and processing of truffles. No additives or improvers, just baguette perfection with a touch of truffles.”  After having had the pleasure of tasting one myself – or more accurately – after having had the pleasure of tearing-it-apart-with-my-bare-hands only to discover generous ripples of black truffle lavishly strewn throughout the crisp, chewy, ivory-fleshed baguette, I realized that there’s a waiting list for this heavenly bread for good reason. Simply put, we Dubai folk are gluttons for great food.

To honor our love of truffles, we’ve prepared two simple bruschetta using easy to source ingredients. The first, Truffle Honey, Ricotta & Pear Bruschetta strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory and can be made using either pumpkin seeds or  walnuts to finish.

The second, Summer Truffle Bruschetta with Burrata and Cherry Tomatoes highlights how using great, fresh ingredients can result in a simple yet sophisticated amuse-bouche.  If you can get your hands on the elusive Truffle baguette, count your lucky stars and use it. Otherwise, feel free to substitute with sour-dough country bread (as we did in the video) or use a simple baguette of your choice. Bon appétit!

For more information on truffle and  products we used in the recipes, please visit the the Truffle House

Truffle Baguette available in store at Truffle House and online at Viking Bageri . Limited availability on Fridays and Saturdays only

Special Thanks to Downtown Dubai TV, the Truffle House, and Viking Bageri

Photos and recipe inspiration by Viking Bageri and the Truffle House





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