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Vintage Point – Discovering Local Quebec Wines at Val Caudalies

Once upon a very recent time, I took an unexpected road trip and stumbled upon a vineyard nestled within the sprawling hillsides of Quebec's Eastern townships. With a hundred and ten acres of sandy soils, apple orchards, and a lush, lofty forest, Val Caudalies setting...

Date Night – A Quarantine Dinner for Two

For those of you lucky enough to be canoodling with another human in your non-socially-distant-airspace, I’ve teamed up with Lindsay to create a cocktail and wine pairing in a quarantine dinner for two. Starting with a warm beetroot salad, followed by a juicy Tomahawk steak – most ingredients are relatively easy to source along with a few refrigerator and pantry staples.

MASTI”s Coconut Daiquiri – A Cocktail Recipe

Coconut Daiquiri- MASTI's Oh My Coconut  If ever there was summer in a glass, Oh My Coconut would have to be it.  Since the coconut is widely used throughout India, it makes total sense that one of MASTI’s signature drinks pays homage to this versatile fruit. Oh My...

A New Kind of Negroni – MASTI’s T-Groni Recipe

T-groni - a spin on the classic Negroni Italy meets India in this insanely visually intriguing drink the T-groni, one of MASTI's five Gin Room Negronis, is a tea-infused take on the Florentine classic. The ingredients in a typical Negroni – Campari, sweet vermouth,...

MASTI’s recipe for Turmeric Tommies

Turmeric Tommies  This is the first of the cocktail recipes from my recent article on MASTI.   Turmeric Tommies is a nod to the margarita from Tommy’s, an acclaimed Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. MASTI’s twist includes tequila, mescal, lime juice, and a...

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