T-groni – a spin on the classic Negroni

Italy meets India in this insanely visually intriguing drink the T-groni, one of MASTI’s five Gin Room Negronis, is a tea-infused take on the Florentine classic. The ingredients in a typical Negroni – Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin – are separately macerated with specific teas depending on flavor profiles. Oolong with Campari, Assam tea with sweet vermouth, and Lapsang with gin. All three tea/liqueur combinations are macerated separately for at least an hour, before they’re merged together in a barrel until ready to serve. (Recipe and quantity below).

We decant our T-groni liquid into a crystal canister, stirring it swiftly with ice to start the chilling process.

As we place a big block of ice into our glass (an essential component of a classic Negroni), Jeet tells me that the bigger the cube, the slower the surface area will melt. Not only does this mean that the drink stays cold until the end, it also keeps it from becoming watery and weak. The signature ice stamp comes next, complete with a bronze MASTI logo. I firmly press it into the cube.

When it’s time to pour, I’m told to start by holding the canister close to the glass, then to gradually lift it up high so that the liquid pours in a long, smooth stream. I’m pretty impressed at how quickly I get the hang of this. My cockiness is put to the test as my drink ricochets off the ice and splatters onto my dress! It was a humbling moment to say the least.

We garnish the drink with a smoked tea flower and the oil from an orange zest. It looks beautiful and ready to taste.


Think we’re finished? Think again! The real fun began when we put our T-groni into its serving chamber. As Jeet pulled out the smoking gun (literally), a dense haze filled the air. Applewood smoke permeated through our chamber, swirling around our cocktail and infusing an amazing aroma throughout.

The taste was earthy, bitter, and sweet at the same time. What a dramatic finish to an iconic drink!

T-Groni Recipe:


  • 30 ml Lapsang Tea Infused Gin
  • 30 ml Oolong Tea Infused Campari
  • 30 ml Assam Tea Infused Sweet Vermouth
Note – Use 10 grams of tea (leaves) per one liter of alcohol
Let the alcohol infuse by placing it into separate jars and leave to macerate for 3 hours.
Once macerated, strain and mix together in a glass decanter and prepare the cocktail as directed above.
Garnish with Orange Peel, Dry Flowering Tea, and Smoke, if available.

Photos by Tara Atkinson Photography

Shot on location at MASTI

Special thanks to Tauland Hyka for the recipe


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