Coconut Daiquiri- MASTI’s Oh My Coconut 

If ever there was summer in a glass, Oh My Coconut would have to be it.  Since the coconut is widely used throughout India, it makes total sense that one of MASTI’s signature drinks pays homage to this versatile fruit. Oh My Coconut lives up to its name as it proves to be a refreshing and elegant twist on a traditional daiquiri.

Oh My Coconut (makes one cocktail)


20 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

40 ml Takama Coconut Rum

60 ml Coconut Water, 30 ml Fresh Lime Juice

15 ml Sweet Coconut Cream.

To garnish: Coconut Coating of the glass, Viola Edible flower

A Margherita glass acts as a blank canvas as we paint coconut cream from stem to the rim, and then “glue” on desiccated coconut. Although nearly every component of the drink contains coconut, it’s the exterior rim that introduces the first of many coconutty layers you’ll come across once your lips brush against the glass.

We add lime to the shaker, followed by coconut water. A little coconut cream adds thickness and a creamy note. Our coconut rum and Bacardi come in next, and for good reason. There’s just something about the synergy that exists between rum and coconut. It’s hard to deny the sparks that fly between them – especially in a cocktail.

We add our ice, it’s time to shake, strain, and pour. The presentation is an amazing brilliant white that’s as pure as the driven snow! Bright edible flowers add a contrast in color,

Oh My coconut certainly lives up to it’s name!  It’s smooth and balanced, with just enough sweetness to make it the perfect summer drink to add this to your cocktail repertoire.



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