Behind-the-scenes at BB: Where fashion meets food & design

It was almost the crack of dawn when I arrived at BB. The mood was quiet and still – quite the contrast to BB’s usual vibrant atmosphere. On my way to shoot a culinary spotlight, I soaked up my surroundings as beautiful rays of morning light trickled in through the windows.  A serene moment indeed.

The Spotlight

This spotlight was rather different from my previous work due to the size of production. It was no longer just the chef, the photographer, and myself.  This time, we added a film crew, a hair stylist, and a makeup artist – it was a full-blown dream team!

The Clothes

On BB’s top floor, there stood a rail filled with magnificent clothing just waiting to be slipped on, and of course, swooned over. With exquisite pieces from designers such as Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Simkhai, and Badgley Mischka, it would have been almost criminal to choose only one outfit!

The Stairs

My first piece was a deep burgundy dress by Jonathan Simkhai. I tried it on and set it aside to wear in the kitchen – which left me with two more outfits to play with.

The Shoes

The  bar served stilettos in lieu of bubbles, while a full range of sky-high Louboutins took over the counter surface. This was definitely my kind of bar takeover, and I must confess that it made my shoe-loving-heart skip many, many beats!

The Light

Every tier of BB reflects a rather unique mood, so it made perfect sense that my outfits did the same.

McQueen’s slick, pencil skirt in the brightest shade of red certainly added a breath of color in contrast to the monochrome tiles. The vibe was almost a cross between ladies who lunch meets CEO – soft and feminine, yet bold and edgy.

The Glam

When I slipped on Badgley Mischka’s glittering floor-length gown, I was transported to an era of days gone by, and equally, of timeless elegance.

My gown shimmered against gold accents of the mirrored mezzanine, and because of it, oozed the glamour of old Hollywood. If ever I had a Rita Hayworth moment, this most certainly was it.

The Magic

I can’t seem to think of a better place to have a shoe parade than on BB’s spiral staircase….can you?

As my dress-up session came to an end, it was almost  time to get to work in the kitchen. One thing was especially clear. It seems that in a space where design meets culinary creativity, there certainly lies a place for self-expression by way of fashion, and a little magic.

It has been said time and time again that we are only restricted by the limits of our imagination. I say, above all, let your imagination run wild and free – one meal, one staircase, and one shoe at a time….

Behind-the-scenes at BB: Where fashion meets food shot on location at BB DIFC
Photos by Tara Atkinson
All outfits from Bloomingdale’s in the Dubai Mall
Burgundy dress by Jonathan Simkhai
Red skirt and top by Alexander McQueen
Sequined gown by Badgley  Mischka
Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Makeup by Bianca at ProTeam Middle East at Bloomingdale’s in the Dubai Mall
Hair by Deena at Aveda Middle East at Bloomingdale’s in the Dubai Mall



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