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My Vegan Blueberry Pancake Recipe

In an ideal world, my backyard would be an edible feast that would cater to all of my culinary whims. A haven where fruits and vegetables could grow in abundance, Mother Nature would change her menu according to the seasons and leave me with beautiful treasures to...

In my kitchen: roasted eggplant with garlic yogurt & pomegranate

Cook with your hands. I’m convinced that there’s an invisible pipe that goes straight from your heart directly into your fingers, and there’s nothing better than eating a dish that has a little love running through it. Using your hands teaches you about your...

Straight from the Organic Market, Zucchini Soup with Corn & Ginger

I have a slight obsession with vegetables. With the cooler months in full swing, it’s an ideal time to dig to into the pyramids of fresh produce piled high throughout our local vegetable markets. Not only is this a great way to support and encourage our farmers within...

Beyond Breakfast: Oat Cuisine meets Haûte Cuisine

The world of food blogging is a beautiful thing. Everyday I find myself inspired by something new, whether it’s food, a place, or something familiar that I see in a new light. Sometimes it's easy to forget that you can use ingredients in different ways. When I find...

Cauliflower Risotto With Asparagus Purée

November has been a very busy month. With family, work, and social commitments, I have had very little time to work on any new recipes for my blog. It also happens to be Diabetes Awareness Month – a very important time in the medical community, and a cause that is...

An easy fall recipe: Pumpkin soup with carrot and ginger

With cooler temperatures finally gracing Dubai’s weather forecasts, it almost feels like a North American autumn – ok, more like a North American spring. There are no falling leaves and the air isn’t crisp, but the change of season in Dubai come November means we can...

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