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The Pera Palace Hotel – A Taste of Istanbul: Part I

The Pera Palace Hotel To experience the passage of time through a physical space is intoxicating.  Imagine peering into a world you never knew - where people, thoughts, and ideas shaped the very foundation of who we are.  To be a fly on the wall of centuries past?  I...

Vintage Point – Discovering Local Quebec Wines at Val Caudalies

Once upon a very recent time, I took an unexpected road trip and stumbled upon a vineyard nestled within the sprawling hillsides of Quebec's Eastern townships. With a hundred and ten acres of sandy soils, apple orchards, and a lush, lofty forest, Val Caudalies setting...

Mr White – A Secret Night at the Dubai Opera

The origins of le Diner Secret en Blanc dates back to humble beginnings in Paris nearly thirty years ago. Born on the lawn of Bagatelle in Bois de Boulogne in 1988, what started out as a chic picnic amongst epicurean friends has grown into an international phenomenon...

The secret life of bees & an orange blossom Madeleine recipe

Fearlessness is a liberating proposition. To look something that scares you square in the eye can lift your confidence to new heights, inspiring you to walk a more courageous path than you ever thought possible. That’s exactly what happened to me last summer when I...

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