Restaurant Spotlights

Lidija takes you behind the scenes with her favourite chefs showcasing their skill & passion in the kitchen


Spotlight on Masti – The Elephant in the Room

Spotlight on MASTI - the Elephant in the Room How do you feel when you hear the word mischief? For me, it denotes a youthful energy, a glimmer in the eyes that hints at a touch of naughtiness – harmless of course – that shines within. Put simply, mischief is a playful...

A Breath of Fresh Air – BB Restaurant Spotlight

BB Restaurant spotlight It was early January when my husband called to share the news of a new restaurant that had recently opened its doors in the DIFC. There was excitement in his voice, and when I asked what the latest addition to Dubai’s dining scene was like, all...

Restaurant Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Rüya

To elevate tradition is no easy task, especially when it’s deeply rooted in history. It takes vision, respect, and plenty of imagination. As I was about to find out, Rüya does exactly that, and so much more. Tucked away behind a pair of mammoth, iron-hinged wood doors...

Restaurant Spotlight: In the kitchen with Coya – part II

What a difference a year makes. It’s been exactly twelve months since I waltzed through the doors of Coya Dubai, where chef Benjamin Wan left me mesmerized by his approach to fine Peruvian cuisine. I had the privilege of assisting Benjamin behind the ceviche counter,...

In the moment with Thomas Keller

Today, I met a legend. There are moments in life that sweep you off your feet and leave you feeling like a teenager all over again. That’s exactly what happened when I came face-to-face with my culinary crush, and the inspiration behind my passion in the kitchen. To...

A Conversation with the Galvin Brothers

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Jeff and Chris Galvin - the Michelin-Star brother duo responsible for elevating Britain’s culinary scene with their beautiful collection of critically acclaimed French restaurants. Little did I know that our...

Chef Spotlight: In the Kitchen with The Experience by Reif Othman

I’m often at a loss for words when I meet a great chef. They are the artists, the pioneers, and the visionaries that roam the culinary world with a constant thirst to learn, inspire, and create. At the risk of sounding too poetic, great food is more than just taste,...

Restaurant Spotlight: In the Kitchen with Chef Liam Breen

Something struck me when I first met chef Liam Breen. Maybe it was because I had heard his name whispered fast and furiously throughout the Dubai foodie circuit on too many occasions to mention. Or maybe it was the fact that at the age of twenty-five, he’s already an...

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