"Desserts I Love" Lidija

The Perfect Vanilla Ice-Cream Recipe

Confession: vanilla ice-cream is my favorite dessert. When I was little, my father used to come home at the end of a long workweek with a massive bucket of ice-cream in one hand, and if I were lucky, there was a little extra something for me in the other. I remember...

Chocolate Fondant Soufflé

If Cupid is the poster child for Valentine’s Day, then chocolate is the language of love! Oh chocolate fondant soufflé, you had me at hello.... I only have one rule when it comes to dessert. If I’m going to spend my precious calories on something so utterly sinful...

The secret life of bees & an orange blossom Madeleine recipe

Fearlessness is a liberating proposition. To look something that scares you square in the eye can lift your confidence to new heights, inspiring you to walk a more courageous path than you ever thought possible. That’s exactly what happened to me last summer when I...

My Vegan Blueberry Pancake Recipe

In an ideal world, my backyard would be an edible feast that would cater to all of my culinary whims. A haven where fruits and vegetables could grow in abundance, Mother Nature would change her menu according to the seasons and leave me with beautiful treasures to...

Strawberry scones

A freshly baked scone is a beautiful thing. Give me a warm, soft, buttery scone for breakfast (or any time of day for that matter), and I’m a very happy woman. Add some softly whipped cream, butter with jam, or a lightly sweetened glaze – it’s no wonder that this...

A Chocolate Mousse Recipe for Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it or  want the day to disappear into oblivion, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a chocolate indulgence. Since February 14th is usually overshadowed by our eldest son’s birthday (which happens to fall one day after Cupid casts his bow and...

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