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Providing value to your business through the love of food, travel & fashion

Lidija and her team work with a number of businesses within the realm of the culinary, lifestyle, and luxury space. As a recognised persona in the food industry through the Middle East, Lidija’s Kitchen can help your business set itself apart from the competition. Be seen as a global luxury brand and reach a select, discerning audience in food, travel, and fashion.

We work in the Middle East and are taking our brand globally. With Dubai as bridge between east and west, north and south, we are seeing an explosion of cuisines from across the world. We follow the passion around the globe and reveal the stories that bring food to our audience.


Creative Content

Lidija’s Kitchen is a creative content house – the new age of the digital editorial content producers. Lidija is a Culinary Storyteller and through Lidija’s Kitchen is focused on bringing to life and showcasing the magic in the kitchen. All Lidija’s work is unscripted and written to tell a genuine story. That story is captured through beautiful editorial, photography and videography.

We are focused on three areas: Food, Fashion & Lifestyle

Our strategy is quite simple, three Pillars of Success:

Content – Passionate.
We tell the stories behind the food, the culture, the chefs, philosophies for the restaurants and destinations we feature. The sessions will take you on a journey of taste, creativity, beauty and finesse, touching on food, fashion and lifestyle.

 – Gracious. Elegant.
Lidija engages her audience with a beautiful aura that is welcoming and charming in the same breath. Her confidence is inspirational as well as “best friend material.” Lidija puts chefs at ease, inspires their creativity, and brings out the passion for their craft. Lidija paints a beautiful picture, simplifying complex flavors and tastes for the average as well as sophisticated palate.

Engaging Experiences.
Lidija’s Kitchen Spotlights are delivered through beautiful photography, candid conversations, and behind the scenes videography. Her tone of voice is both empathetic and engaging. It is all about discovery, uncovering culinary secrets — both simple and complex — revealing the story behind every dish, every experience.

Digital Storytelling

It is all about discovery and uncovering culinary secrets. Both simple and complex story telling that reveals the story behind every dish. Lidija’s Kitchen is focused on digital storytelling, documenting experiences behind-the-scenes with expert chefs of the highest quality.

Lidija showcases the magic in the kitchen in a different light and how that transcends into the restaurant and the destination. We do this through beautiful digital editorial, photography and videos. Do you have something exciting to tell, contact us to see how we can share your story.



Sponsorships /Partnership

Work with us on multiple journeys. We are new model of Marketing and Customer connectivity. We focus on real stories and finding a magic that resonates with an audience. If it’s not real, it’s not for us. Don’t worry, we wont take on anything we don’t believe in….

We work with multiple partners and brands. We are constantly developing exciting new culinary adventures. Every day a new idea lands on our desks.

Whether you own a vineyard, have an exceptional restaurant, develop beautiful ingredients, or you just love food like us, we are passionate about the content we create.

Sponsorship is a great way to get involved and to support the development of our content. We believe marketing today has to have meaning and bring value to the consumer, so our objective is to tell those stories with the original intent, with a vision and passion that so few of us see today. If you have something amazing, if you provide an exceptional experience, we can help tell your story.

The best advertising is an unbiased conviction in the brands and experiences we consume. The world is moving from editorial to advertorial. We don’t want to move there. Lidija is focused on the experience and documenting the moment, unscripted and passionate. Working with us means you trust the experience. This is not for everyone – only for those that have everything to share and nothing to hide.

Do what you love, and you love what you do.  It’s that simple.

Fine Catering

Lidija is slowly leaving the world of catering behind her to focus on connecting people to her passion as culinary storyteller, bringing food, fashion, and lifestyle together.

But our clients keep asking us to curate their events, design menus and help them create exceptional food experiences. Through our partners, restaurants, and destinations we can help curate special culinary experiences.

We are always happy to connect you to our global winery tours, culinary experiences and adventures. Watch this space as we partner with like-minded passionate people to provide unique experiences around the world for the adventurous soles like ourselves.




Recipe Development

You’ve hit my soft spot.  This is something that always excites my passion for food. As a personal fitness trainer in my early career, I have understood the detail to produce intelligent instructions. This has transferred to my love of food. I am happy to develop recipes that the home and passionate cook can successfully deliver.

Chefs have entrusted me with their secrets, their hard work, and to tell their unique stories to a larger audience. I have had the privilege to take their “excel-sheet recipes” to a broad audience with simple tools at home to bring the magic to their tables.

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