About me

Hi, welcome! I’m Lidija. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog,  you’ll soon find out that it’s all about food and the pleasure it brings to life. I’m always on the hunt for inspiration, and in the process, I hope to offer some in return.

My love affair with food started when I was a little girl, playing with pots & pans in our family kitchen.  Grabbing as much flour as I could fit into my little eager hands, I remember how much fun I had mixing, stirring, and playing with food. This still holds true today.

As a self-taught cook and baker, I want to share beautiful recipes that are close to my heart. I love how food has the power to evoke memories, transcend the passage of time, and take you on a journey across the world.

Married the love of my life, together we’re the proud parents of 3 amazing kids. I grew up in Montreal, Canada, and have been living in Dubai for over a decade now.  I’m a passionate cook, private caterer, and food writer. My husband and I have shared a love of cooking from the day we met, entertaining our family, our friends, and whoever else we meet along the way!

Here’s to great food, effortless entertaining, and how to fit it all into a balanced lifestyle. I hope you enjoy a peek into my kitchen.





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